How to Fix EA Error Code in Junkers Boilers

Error: “EA”
Description: Flame not detected.
Cause: Various factors may contribute, such as gas access blockage, lack of maintenance, issues with the probe or electrode, among others.
Solution: Check gas supply, perform maintenance, unclog the drainage tube, or consult a specialized technician.

What Does EA Code Mean?

The EA error code on your Junkers boiler is essentially indicating that the necessary flame for heating the water is not being detected. This might be a bit confusing and concerning, but it doesn’t always signal a serious malfunction. Sometimes, it could be as simple as your boiler needing some maintenance.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Pending Annual Maintenance

If your boiler is overdue for maintenance, don’t ignore it. Call a technician for a thorough check-up. Often, with proper tuning, the EA error disappears, and your boiler resumes normal operation.

Gas Supply Issues

If there’s no gas, the boiler can’t generate a flame. This could be due to:

  • Closed or stuck gas valve.
  • Problems with the pressure regulator.
  • Gas supply interruption in your area.

Ensure gas reaches your boiler correctly. If everything is in order and the problem persists, it’s time to call a technician.

Removed Inner Cover

If you’ve taken off the inner cover of the boiler, it knows, and it informs you with the EA error. This is a safety measure that prevents gas injection while the cover is open. Make sure all covers are in place.

Clogged Drainage Tube

The boiler needs to expel condensate from combustion. If the drainage tube is clogged, the boiler gets blocked. Locate the tube and unclog it to resolve the issue.

Damaged Probe or Electrode

This is a more technical issue. If you suspect the problem may stem from the probe or electrode, it’s best not to meddle and call a technician. They have the tools and knowledge to measure current and determine if any parts need replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I do if my boiler works inconsistently?
    • If you live in a cold area and use butane gas, the issue might be poor gasification in low temperatures. Try switching to propane and see if that solves the problem.
  2. What if my boiler doesn’t have a siphon to unclog?
    • If the technician suggests changing the pump or gas valve, but the pump is relatively new, try general maintenance first. If that doesn’t work, then consider following the technician’s advice.
  3. How do I check the electrode or probe?
    • If you’re not familiar with using a multimeter and interpreting measurements, leave this task to professionals.
  4. What if my boiler shuts off and shows the EA error?
    • If your boiler is used sporadically, try running it more frequently. Sometimes, regular use is the best maintenance. And don’t forget the annual maintenance.
  5. What if my boiler makes a strange noise and displays the EA error?
    • Such noise could result from various factors, but it’s better to have a technician check it. Don’t risk manipulating something that could be dangerous.
  6. What if I smell gas?
    • If you smell gas and the EA error appears, turn off the boiler, ventilate the area, and call a technician immediately. This could signal a gas leak, which is very serious.

More tips

First, if you have a Junkers boiler and you are having problems solving an error, we recommend that you contact the technical or specialist service. Junkers offers a very complete and efficient customer service that will help you solve any problem you may have with your boiler.

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