Troubleshoot error code “E6 / Cups + Half load 1/2” in AEG dishwasher

How to eliminate E6 / Cup error + half load 1/2 in AEG dishwasher?

  • Error: E6 / Cups + Half load 1/2
  • Description: Water pump malfunction
  • Cause: The device does not pump water or do it incorrectly.
  • Solution: Make sure the drain hose is not bent or crushed and that the siphon and filters are not clogged.

More tips

The AEG Bathamat 64840 model does not turn on. We verify that the plug, the fuse and the dyeing of the house has light. Nor does the Reset button work. After several hours of trying, we recommend that you contact an authorized technical or specialist service to review it and fix it if necessary.

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