Troubleshoot error code “Error E9” in AEG kitchen plate

  • Error: “Error E9”
  • Description: Error in the control panel of the user interface.
  • Cause: Failure in the touch control card used to turn on the cooktop.
  • Solution: Restart the cooktop, and if the error persists, replace the user control card.

Is your AEG cooktop causing headaches by displaying the annoying “Error E9”? Don’t worry, here at, we’ll help you understand what it means and how you can fix it. Let’s get to it!

What is Error E9?

Error E9 on AEG cooktops indicates an issue with the user interface control panel. This is the part of the cooktop that you directly interact with to turn it on and adjust the temperature. If something goes wrong here, the cooktop won’t respond to your commands as it should.

Steps to Solve Error E9

Restarting the Cooktop

  1. Disconnect the Cooktop:
    • Before doing anything, make sure to disconnect the cooktop from the power source. This is for your safety and to prevent additional damage.
  2. Wait for 60 Seconds:
    • Once disconnected, wait at least 60 seconds. This waiting time allows the internal circuits to discharge completely and restart.
  3. Reconnect and Turn On:
    • After the minute, reconnect the cooktop and turn it on. Check if the E9 error has disappeared.

Inspection and Replacement of the User Control Card

If the error persists after the restart, you may need to replace the user control card. Here’s how:

  1. Remove the Cooktop from the Countertop:
    • You’ll need to take the cooktop out of the countertop to access the internal components. Be careful, and make sure the cooktop is completely cool before doing so.
  2. Remove the Screws:
    • Locate and remove the screws holding the glass on all four sides of the cooktop.
  3. Lift the Upper Glass:
    • Carefully lift the upper glass to expose the internal components.
  4. Locate the User Control Card:
    • Find the user control card, which is the smallest and is located at the front.
  5. Replace the Card:
    • Once located, proceed to replace the user control card with a new one.
  6. Reassemble the Cooktop:
    • After replacing the card, reassemble the cooktop by following the previous steps in reverse order.

Need Additional Help?

If the problem persists after following these steps, you may need the assistance of a specialized technician. Feel free to contact a certified technical service to diagnose and professionally repair your AEG cooktop.

Additional Tips

  • Safety First:
    • Always disconnect the cooktop from the power source before attempting any repairs.
  • Refer to the Manual:
    • Check the manual for your AEG cooktop for specific instructions for your model.
  • Use Original Parts:
    • Always use original AEG spare parts to ensure the proper functioning of your cooktop.

An E9 error is not the end of the world for your AEG cooktop. With a bit of patience and following the right steps, you’ll be back to cooking your favorite dishes in no time. Good luck!

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