Errors or Error Codes for AEG Hob

When it comes to cooking, AEG hobs are an essential tool in many modern kitchens. However, like any other appliance, they can experience technical issues from time to time. One of the ways these issues manifest themselves is through error codes. These codes are designed to help you quickly identify what’s wrong with your hob, but understanding what each one means can be a challenge.

In this article, we present a complete table of error codes for AEG hobs. Before we dive into it, let’s clarify some concepts that might be new or confusing to you.

What is an error code?
An error code is a combination of letters and/or numbers that appears on your hob’s display. This code is programmed to alert you about a specific problem or malfunction within the appliance.

Why is it important to know these codes?
Understanding what these codes mean can save you time and money. In some cases, the issue may be something you can resolve yourself without needing to call a technician. In others, it will help you accurately describe the problem to the technician, facilitating a quicker and more efficient repair.

Below, you’ll find the table of error codes for AEG hobs. This table includes the error code, a description of the problem, and the recommended solution.

E3, E311, E312, E313An AEG hob with error e3 means it was connected to the wrong power supply, possibly 400V.The best course of action is to contact the Official Technical Service or the professional who installed the hob. Unplug the hob and do not use it until the issue is resolved.
E4Failure caused because the container has evaporated all the liquid and the overheating protection and disconnection are automatically activated.“Turn off your hob, carefully remove the hot container, and wait half a minute before turning the cooking zone back on. Let the container cool down and check if it is suitable for induction, if not the residual heat warning of your hob will remain on. If despite all the above the error code continues to appear, you must notify the technical service, unplug the hob and not use it until the problem is solved.”
E401, E402, E403, E421, E422, E423, E431, E432, E433Electronic failure. Indicates that the overheating protection is active in the cooking area.“Disconnect the hob from the power and after a few minutes turn it back on. If the error reappears, you must notify the technical service. If the above advice does not solve the problem, we recommend that you request a visit from the Official Technical Service and not use the product until the error is resolved.”
E6, E601, E8, E822The hob is connected to only one phase.Contact the Official Technical Service or the electrician who installed your kitchen. Disconnect it until you are sure the problem has been solved.
E9If there is an E9 error on your AEG hob, it means that there has been a failure in the electronics. The E0 / E1 error code also indicates a problem with the electronic components.“Unplug the hob from the power and after half a minute reconnect it. If the E9 problems continue to appear on your AEG induction hob, you will have to call the technical service.”
Error LChild safety lock function turned on.“Make sure that the lock option is deactivated. To unlock the AEG induction hob or ceramic hob, you should consult the manual for your model, as the way to do it varies from one design to another.”
F, F1There is no container on the cooking zone, it is empty or not suitable for induction, so the power is very low. It may be the case that a container is not suitable for the hob, due to size (too small) or material (non-ferromagnetic).“Use a container suitable for induction or place it on a cooking zone that matches its size. Check that the surface of the hob is not wet. Do not turn on the hob with an empty container on it. In cast iron and non-stick utensils”
The automatic disconnection option is activated.Turn off the hob and after about 30 seconds turn it back on.

Our Advice

Before calling the technical service, we recommend checking this table of error codes. Many times, the problem can be something simple that you can solve yourself without incurring additional costs. However, if after following the recommendations the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact the official technical service to ensure a proper and safe repair of your AEG hob.

Error codes in AEG hob

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