Troubleshoot error code “E1/E4” in Balay oven

  • Error: “E1/E4”
  • Description: The thermal safety disconnection has been activated.
  • Cause: The closed position on the valve has not been detected or there is very little distance between the open and closed positions.
  • Solution: Check the mounting bracket and adapter, unblock the radiator valve if it is calcified, and replace the batteries if they are low.

What is the “E1/E4” Error Code?

When your Balay oven displays the “E1/E4” error code on its screen, it indicates that there is a problem with the thermal safety disconnection. This error may be the result of a valve that is not detected in the closed position (E1) or that there is very little distance between the open and closed positions (E4), which could suggest that the radiator valve is blocked by calcification.

Steps to Resolve the “E1/E4” Error

For Error E1:

  1. Dismantle the Thermostatic Head: Make sure the mounting bracket is properly adjusted to the valve body.
  2. Check Adapters: If you are using an adapter, check that it is securely attached and if it needs a specific extension pin.
  3. Recalibrate: After ensuring everything is correctly installed, reset the thermostatic head to try to calibrate again.

For Error E4:

  1. Unblock the Valve: If the radiator valve is blocked, try moving the piston in and out with a wrench or similar tool to unblock it.
  2. Reinstall the Old Head: If necessary, reinstall the old valve head and open and close it several times to improve piston movement.
  3. Replace Batteries: If the problem persists, check and replace the device’s batteries with new ones.
  4. Contact Technical Support: If after several attempts the calibration is not performed correctly, contact technical support and provide a clear photo of the thermostatic valve body.

General Recommendations

  • Caution: Incorrect handling could cause further damage. If you do not feel confident performing these steps, request home support.
  • Maintenance: Clean the inside of the oven after each use to prevent dirt from carbonizing and causing problems.
  • Safety: Maintain a minimum distance of 10 cm from the control panel if you have electronic implants such as pacemakers or insulin pumps.

In Summary

The “E1/E4” error code on your Balay oven is a sign that something is not working correctly with the calibration of the thermostatic head. By following the mentioned steps and taking the necessary precautions, you can try to solve the problem on your own. However, if the error persists, do not hesitate to contact technical support for professional help.

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