Troubleshoot error code “F1/E1” in Whirlpool oven

How to eliminate error F1/E1 in Whirlpool oven?

  • Error: F1/E1
  • Description: EEPROM verification sum error
  • Cause: 
  • Solution: Disconnect the feed for at least 30 seconds and then connect again. Allow at least a minute after energy has been restored and if the error code reappears, replace the control plate

F1/E1 Error Code: What does it mean?

There are two categories of error codes in a Whirlpool oven. Some are two-digit codes and others are four-digit codes. All error codes have a different and specific meaning.

The F1/E1 error code in the Whirlpool oven means that the control unit has some malfunction. It can also indicate a problem with the wiring associated with the control unit.

Usually, these errors are an indication of an underlying problem that requires attention. In most cases, it is actually a good thing that a device shows an error before a more serious problem occurs.

How to solve the F1/E1 error code in the Whirlpool oven

Solving an error code in any machine does not involve exact science. Most of the time it will be a matter of trial and error. Usually, you will have five or six alternatives to choose from and make things work.

However, it is helpful to have a list of possible steps you can take. These problems are generally common in ovens, but there are several solutions that seem to work.

1. Power cycle

First, you should try resetting the Whirlpool oven as this may resolve the issue. This is especially true if it is something minor. To reset the Whirlpool oven, you need to turn it off and unplug it from the power source.

When there is no power connection, wait for about five minutes and then turn it back on. When the Whirlpool oven turns on, check if the error code reappears.

This is basically done to give the system a break from the power connection. Power cycling is a maneuver that works against problems in most electronic appliances. It basically resets an appliance so that when it is turned on again, it can refresh itself.

2. Control unit

The control unit is basically responsible for operating the Whirlpool oven. If this unit malfunctions, the oven will display the F1/E1 error code on the screen. This is the best part of modern appliances, which have sophisticated mechanisms to inform the owner about a problem in the system.

To check if the control unit is the real problem or not, you need to turn off the oven and locate it. When you find the control unit in your oven, check for continuity and see if it shows any readings. A properly functioning control unit will show some readings.

If you can’t see any readings, it means that the unit has stopped working. In this case, you will need to replace the control unit to make the error disappear.

We want to add that the control unit is a sensitive component and, usually, repair is not a viable option. This is also a technical step that requires the presence and experience of a specific technician.

Your next step would be to hire a person who is an expert in technology and have them recheck and replace the control unit.

Handling any electronic item when you don’t have the required skills is extremely harmful. It would be better to contact a technician who can take care of this for you.

3. Wiring

When the control unit is not to blame and you have already tried power cycling, there is a possibility that the wiring is damaged. Keep in mind that the wiring should be properly fitted and secured in the right place.

Therefore, you need to disassemble the oven and check the wiring, especially around the heating element and the control unit. If you see some loose wires, connect them to the appropriate components and secure them properly.

On the other hand, if the wiring appears damaged or burnt, replacing the wiring harness should be a reliable solution for you.

Again, this is only a viable solution for you to tackle on your own if you have the required skills. Dealing with wires is not a job for an amateur. Only a person with experience in electronics and electricity should carry out this step.

4. Touch panel

If you are using the Whirlpool oven with a touch control, any problem with the touch panel can cause the F1/E1 error code to appear on the screen. We suggest you touch other buttons on the touch panel and if they initiate the function, the touch panel is not the problem.

On the other hand, if they don’t change the function of the Whirlpool oven, then the touch panel is not functioning properly. Therefore, it will need to be replaced.

The touch panel is a very sensitive part of an appliance. When it stops working, the only solution would be to replace it with a new one.

In summary, these are the only solutions you can try to solve the F1/E1 error code. In most of these cases, preliminary checks can be performed by the owner directly.

However, if the error code continues to appear in the Whirlpool oven, you should call Whirlpool customer service for further options. The customer service department should be able to listen to your query and even send their own technician to assist you.

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