Troubleshoot error code “2” in Philips TV

How to eliminate error 2 on Philips TV?

  • Error: 2
  • Description: High cathode current protection and East-West Corrector Circuit, if cathode protection is active, the TV will show this error code making 2 intermittences in the front panel LED.
  • Cause: The symptom of this fault is presented by showing a very bright image with return lines.
  • Solution: The 160 volt voltage must be checked in the screen socket, when the horizontal output is not working, instead of the 160V a 95V voltage must appear at least.

More tips

In case you fail to solve the error on your Philips TV, we recommend that you contact a technical or specialist service. They will be the best can advise you and help you solve the problem.

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Errors or Error Codes of Philips TV

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