Errors or Error Codes of Philips TV

When your Philips TV starts acting up, it can be hard to know exactly what’s going wrong. Thankfully, many TVs are designed to inform you about the problem through what’s known as “error codes”. These codes are specific sequences of lights or numbers that appear on your TV, designed to give you a clue about the nature of the problem. But how do you interpret these codes and, more importantly, what can you do about it?

At, we understand how frustrating it can be to encounter a technical problem and not know how to solve it. That’s why we’ve prepared a detailed table of specific error codes for Philips TVs, with clear descriptions and practical solutions for each one. Before we dive into the table, let’s clarify some concepts that might be new or confusing to you.

What is an error code?
An error code is essentially a message from your TV’s system trying to communicate that something is not working correctly. It can appear in different forms: numbers, sequences of flashing lights, or even on-screen messages.

Why is it important to understand these codes?
Knowing the meaning of these codes not only helps you identify the problem with your TV more quickly but can also give you an idea of the severity of the problem and whether it’s something you can fix on your own or if you need to call a technician.

Now that you have a better idea of what we’re talking about, here is the table of error codes for Philips TVs that we’ve prepared for you:

2Protection for high cathode current and East-West correction circuit, if the cathode protection is active, the TV will display this error code by flashing the LED on the front panel twice.The symptom of this failure is displayed by showing a very bright image with retrace lines.The voltage of 160 volts in the screen socket should be checked, when the horizontal output is not working, instead of the 160v a minimum voltage of 95v should appear.

Our advice:
Before attempting any repairs on your own, make sure to disconnect the TV from the electrical outlet to avoid any risk of electrocution. If after consulting the table and following the suggested solutions the problem persists, it might be time to contact a professional technician. Remember, handling internal components without proper knowledge can result in further damage to your TV.

Error codes in Philips TV

Troubleshoot error code "2" in Philips TV

Troubleshoot error code “2” in Philips TV

How to eliminate error 2 on Philips TV? Error: 2 Description: High cathode current protection and East-West Corrector Circuit, if cathode protection is active, the TV will show this error ...