Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes

The following table presents a detailed compilation of error codes, descriptions, causes, and solutions associated with problems that may occur in a washing machine. These error codes provide useful information for diagnosing and resolving potential issues with the operation of the washing machine. Each error number in the table contains a link to the corresponding page that offers more detailed solutions to address each specific problem.

If you encounter any error code on your washing machine, this table can serve as a useful reference, and you can click on the links to obtain more comprehensive solutions.

E11No water is poured into the tank during program execution. The amount of water did not reach the required time.The most common option for this error is to check the water filling valve or triac. Make sure the winding resistance is approximately 3.75 kΩ. In addition to the listed reasons, this malfunction can occur with weak water pressure in the water supply system, lack of water in the pipes, or obstruction of the inlet system.
E13There was a leak. Liquid entered the drip tray.Make sure the water is actually in the pan. Find and repair the leak.
E21No water was poured from the washing machine within the specified time (10 minutes).Obstructed drainage system (nozzles, filter, pump). The drain pump is out of order. Make sure the drain pump winding resistance is approximately 170 ohms. Damage can occur due to electronic module failure.
E23The pump control triac is broken.Make sure there is a breakdown by checking the triac. If the failure is confirmed, replace it.
E24Violation of the integrity of the pump triac circuit.Make sure there is a breakdown and repair it.
E31Damage to the level switch.Replace the level sensor. Perform a check, and if a malfunction is detected, change the wiring.
E32Erroneous data from the pressure switch.There is a possibility that you forgot to open the water supply tap, or the water pressure in the water supply is too weak. Or maybe they closed the water. Clean the mesh of the inlet valve’s inlet filter. Replace this valve. Try changing the level switch pipe. Change the relay itself.
E33Incorrect or inconsistent operation of pressure-sensitive sensors (the first-level relay and the heating protection relay will heat the element).These are the most common options for this situation: (a) Sensor tubes are obstructed. The pressure switch has become unusable, or the relay will heat the element. Excessive voltage in the network.
E34The data from the level switch and the second anti-boiling level do not match.If the error is displayed for more than a minute: Replace the level switch pipe. Change the pressure switch. Ensure the integrity of the cables and contacts.
E35Excessive amount of water in the machine.There was too much water. It reached its maximum. Check the level switch, and if it is broken, replace it.
E36Damage to the heating element level protection relay.Check for malfunction.
E37The first-level water relay is broken.Check this part.
E38No pressure change signal (probably the pressure switch tube is clogged).Clean/change the tube.
E39The overflow pressure switch is broken.Check this device.
E3aDamage to the heater relay.Need to change.
E41Insufficiently tight door closure.Open and close the door again.
E42Damage to UBL.Check and, if necessary, change the door lock device.
E43The UBL triac control is broken.Check its malfunction and replace it.
E44The door-opening sensor has deteriorated.Make sure there is a breakdown.
E45Broken parts of the UBL circuit.Check these parts.
E51Electric motor in triac short circuit.Perform a malfunction check. If confirmed, replace the broken part.
E52The motor tachometer does not transmit data to the controller.One of the most common reasons for the appearance of code E52 is the lack of a mounting washer. For this reason, the coil may shift, and a malfunction will occur. You can correct the situation by returning the coil and washer to their place or by changing the tachometer.
E53Parts of the electric motor triac control circuit are out of order.These parts are checked, and if a failure is detected, they are replaced.
E54The reverse relay contact group has sunk (a total of 2).Check and replace the part if there is a malfunction.
E55Open motor circuit.Check and correct the wiring. Check and change the motor.
E56No tachometer generator data.Change the specified spare part.
E57Electricity over 15 amperes.Check and change the wiring if necessary. Check and, in case of malfunction, change the electric motor. Check and replace the electronic module if necessary.
E58Electric motor electricity is over 4.5 amperes.Change the motor. Check and, if necessary, replace the wiring. Change the electronic module.
E59Within 3 seconds from the moment of giving the command to start the motor, there is no tachometer signal.Check the cables. Change the tachometer generator. Change the electric motor. Change the electronic module.
E5aThe cooling radiator heats up above 88 degrees.Replace the electronic box.
E5bVoltage drops below 175 V.Check the cables and change the electron. block
E5cThe voltage on the bus exceeded 430 V.Change the electronic unit.
E5dFCV does not receive – send data for 2 seconds.Change the electronic unit.
E5fFCV control board performs configuration requests without stopping. Due to the fact that there is a reboot all the time.Perform a wiring test. Replace it if necessary. If all else fails, replace the electronic box.
E61During heating, the water does not reach the necessary temperature for program execution during the required time period.This error appears only in the diagnostic mode of the washing machine. Make sure the heating element (TENA), its contacts, and cables are in good condition.
E62The water heated to more than 88 degrees in five minutes.Make sure the heater is in good condition (there is a possibility of a case failure). But often this code is displayed at the moment of temperature sensor failure. The temperature sensor should be tested with a multimeter. If the resistance is from 5.7 kOhm to 6.3 kOhm, then everything is fine.
E66A failed relay will heat the element.Check the wiring, circuit, and relay of this part. If anything is defective, replace it.
E68Excessive leakage current.Change the heater or other components.
E71Excessive voltage of the temperature sensor.Most likely, there has been a contact break or short circuit in the sensor and/or circuit.
E74The temperature sensor is not placed correctly.Make sure it takes a normal position.
E82Violation in the location of the selected selector.The electronic module, wiring, or selector has failed.
E83The selector signal is not identified.This code appears only in the diagnostic mode of the machine. Incorrect setting, change the block.
E84The recirculation pump is not identified.Change the electronic unit.
E85Recirculation pump failure.Change the pump or electronic unit.
E91Communication problems between the interface and the main unit.The electronics need to be changed.
E92There is a mismatch problem between the main unit and the interface.The electronic unit needs to be changed.
E93Machine configuration problems.Enter the correct configuration code.
E94Incorrect machine configuration and execution of a given program.Volatile memory overwrite or change the circuit.
E95Communication problems with volatile memory and processor.Make sure the power supply to the board is a volatile memory. Check the circuit integrity between the EEPROM and the “process”.
E96Configuration data mismatch between the electronic controller and the connected-disconnected elements.Check compliance/non-compliance of connected elements.
E97Problem with matching software of the electronic controller and software selector.Incorrect machine configuration is possible. Change the main unit.
E98Problem with matching electronics and electric motor control unit.Perform a check and, if necessary, change the wiring. Make sure the electronic unit is functioning correctly. If not, replace it.
E99Incorrect electronic connection and unit sound.Change the unit, check the wiring.
E9aSoftware violation between electronics and speaker.Change the electronic unit.
EA1Incorrect DSP operation.Check the wiring. It may be necessary to change the main unit. Change the DSP. Change the motor drive belt.
EA2Problem with DSP identification.The main unit needs to be changed.
EA3DSP does not lock the motor pulley.Check and change the wiring. Check and change the motor drive belt. Change the DSP. Change the main unit.
EA4DSP is out of order.Check the wiring, change the main unit, change the DSP.
EA5DSP is out of order.Change the main unit.
EA6Lack of data on drum movement for 30 seconds from launch.Drum doors are open (vertically). It is necessary to change the motor drive belt. It is necessary to change the DSP.
EB1The frequency of the network does not match the required one.Power check is required.
EB2Excessively high voltage.Perform a power check.
EB3Excessively low voltage.Check the power supply.
EBEDefective relay protection circuit.Change the electronic unit.
EBFProblem with relay protection circuit identification.The electronic unit needs to be changed.
EC1The flood valve has stalled.Change the wiring. Change this valve. Repair/change the wiring.
EC2Failure associated with the sensor responsible for liquid cleaning.Change it.
Ef1Water discharge from the machine is excessively long.Make sure the pump is working. Clean the inlet hose and the entire system.
Ef2Excessive foam at the time of drainage. Obstructed drain hose. Obstructed drain pump filter.Make sure the pump is working. Use only machine-washable powders. Do not put too much powder in the dispenser. Clean the drain pump filter and the drain hose.
Ef3Water control system activated. Pump wiring problem. Pump interruption. Leaks.Change the pump. Repair the wiring. Inspect the machine for leaks.
Ef4No flow sensor data is received when the filling valves are activated.Water intake blocked. Or its absence in water pipes.
Ef5Emergency stop bends due to significant imbalance in things in the tank.Make sure not to place more things than recommended for your machine. Make sure the machine with fewer clothes is functioning properly.
Eh1Voltage frequency is not normal.Electricity problems. Perhaps electronic components need to be changed.
Eh2Excessive voltage.Change the electronics.
Eh3Excessively low voltage.Change electronic components.
EheDefective relay protection circuit.Change the electronic unit.
EhfProblem with relay protection circuit identification.Replace the electronic box.
Sec.Communication problems between FCV and ch. printed circuit board.Change the electronic box.

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