Troubleshoot error code “E10” in AEG washing machine

How to eliminate the E10 error in AEG washing machine?

  • Error: E10
  • Description: Water supply problem.
  • Cause: Tap with bad water flow.
    Entrance hose in poor condition.
    Obstructed filter.
    Electrovalve without current or damaged.
    Fugging in the tube that connects the prisoner.
  • Solution: Check the pressure.
    Check the hose.
    Check the water inlet filters.

More tips

Error E10 in an AEG washing machine may be due to various problems, such as: a tap with a bad water flow, an entrance hose in poor condition, the obstructed filter, the solenoid valve without current or damaged, the dirty soap box, or a leak in the tube that connects the prisoner.
To solve this type of errors, the first thing to do is check if the problem is in the entrance hose or in the solenoid valve. If the water does not flow correctly through the solenoid valve, it is likely that it is damaged and we should change it. If the problem is in the entrance hose, we can clean the filter or check if the soap box holes are obstructed.
If the problem persists after reviewing all these elements, it is possible that there is a leak in the tube that connects the prisoner. In this case, it will be necessary to check the wiring of the electrovalve and the electronic plate to try to locate and repair the fault.

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