Troubleshoot error code “F08” in Edesa washing machine

How to eliminate error F08 in Edesa washing machine?

  • Error: F08
  • Description: Problem in the engine.
  • Cause: 
  • Solution: – Check engine components (coal brooms, tachometer and coils).
    – Check connection to the motor and electronic plate.

More tips

When the F08 error appears in an EDESA washing machine, the first thing to do is check the engine components. According to the brand and the washing machine model, these can be coal brushes, tachometer or coils. If any of these components is damaged, it must be replaced by a new one.
In addition, it is important to check the connection to the engine and electronic plate. If there is any problem in these connections, it can be easily solved by disconnecting and re -connecting the cables correctly.
In case no problem is found in the components or connections, the electronic plate is likely to be damaged. In this case, it will be necessary to replace it with a new one.

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