Troubleshoot error code “E09” in Candy washing machine

How to eliminate E09 error in Candy washing machine?

  • Error: E09
  • Description: There is a problem with the electric motor: the engine axis does not rotate. An error occurs, whose designation can see in the following column. Automatic tests continue.
  • Cause: damaged control unit, triac failure.
  • Solution: Damage to the control unit or triac failure.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Reboot and Isolate the Machine

The first step in addressing the E09 error is to perform a simple reboot. Disconnect your washing machine from the power source and let it stand unplugged for approximately 5 minutes. This action allows the control board to reset. After the waiting period, plug the machine back in and test it. If the error persists, proceed to the next step.

2. Check Motor Cables

The motor triac is responsible for controlling the machine’s rotational direction. It’s crucial for the control board to communicate with the motor through wires. If your washing machine has been experiencing significant vibrations, it’s possible that a cable has become detached or damaged.

Inspect the cables connected to the motor connection block and trace them up to the control board. Make sure all connections are secure. If any cables appear frayed or damaged, they should be replaced.

3. Inspect the Control Board

If the motor cables are in good condition, the next course of action is to inspect the control board, where the triac is located. Some Candy washing machines might have more than one control board; typically, the main PCB is situated at the rear of the machine.

Look closely for signs of burning or black marks on the control board. These indications suggest an electrical short that has harmed the PCB. If you identify damage to the control board, it will need to be replaced. Keep in mind that Candy washing machine control boards must be programmed according to the model, so inquire about preprogrammed boards from spare part suppliers.

4. Examine Carbon Brushes

The E09 error code, while primarily related to the motor triac, could also hint at motor-related problems. One common issue with washing machine motors is worn-out carbon brushes. These brushes play a crucial role in establishing contact with the motor.

Inspect the carbon brushes, situated on either side of the motor. If they are worn down significantly, they could be hindering proper motor function. Fortunately, replacing carbon brushes is a relatively inexpensive repair for Candy washing machines. If the brushes are indeed the issue, swapping them out should help eliminate the error.

Final Considerations

In summary, tackling the E09 error on your Candy washing machine involves a systematic approach:

  1. Reset the machine by disconnecting it from power for a few minutes.
  2. Inspect the control board for signs of damage or burning.
  3. Check motor cables for disconnections or damage.
  4. Examine and replace carbon brushes if necessary.

Should your diagnosis reveal that the control board needs replacement, weigh the cost against the potential benefits. Sometimes, investing in a new control board might be pricier than purchasing a new machine. Keep in mind that even a new control board doesn’t guarantee immunity from similar issues in the future.

By following these steps and approaching the problem methodically, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the E09 error and restore your Candy washing machine’s functionality. Remember, persistence and patience will likely yield positive results in resolving this error and getting your laundry routine back on track.

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