Troubleshoot error code “F05” in Indesit washing machine

How to eliminate F05 error in INDESIT washing machine?

  • Error: F05
  • Description: The water does not drain the tank.
  • Cause: Defective pressure switch, malfunctioning water sensor, obstructions in drainage tubes, issues with the drainage pump, or incorrect connections in the pressure switch.
  • Solution: A comprehensive check of the entire drainage system is needed, including the drainage pump and drainage hose nozzle.

Delving into Potential Causes

Understanding the underlying causes of Error F05 is crucial for effective troubleshooting. Two common causes are related to the drainage pump and the water level sensor, also known as the pressure switch.

Drainage Pump:

The drainage pump is a vital component in the process of water evacuation from the washing machine. If this pump experiences a malfunction, it’s highly likely that the Error F05 will be triggered. If you notice your washing machine isn’t draining water correctly, investigating the drainage pump and its connections is necessary.

Water Level Sensor (Pressure Switch):

The water level sensor, or pressure switch, plays a key role in the filling and draining process of the washing machine. If this sensor malfunctions, it can result in communication problems between the drainage pump and the filling system. As a result, the washing machine may not recognize the water status in the tank, leading to the Error F05.

Strategies for Identification and Resolution

When faced with Error F05, it’s essential to approach the problem systematically and carefully. Here’s a step-by-step approach to identifying and resolving issues related to drainage and the pressure switch in your Indesit washing machine:

  1. Checking the Drainage Filter:Start by locating and inspecting the drainage filter at the bottom of the Indesit washing machine. Open the corresponding door or panel and remove the filter. Ensure you place a cloth to absorb residual water before unscrewing the filter. Clean it thoroughly with tap water and check for any obstructions that could be affecting drainage.
  2. Inspecting the Drainage Hose:Verify that the drainage hose is not obstructed or bent. If necessary, remove the hose and rinse it with water to eliminate any blockages that might be hindering water flow.
  3. Cleaning and Checking the Drainage Pump:If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, it’s time to inspect the drainage pump. Follow these steps:
    • Disconnect the washing machine and prepare a container for residual water.
    • Loosen the clamp securing the drainage hose to the drain and drain the remaining water into the container.
    • Unscrew the bolt securing the pump to the washing machine body and carefully remove the pump.
    • Clean the pump and check for any obstructions that might affect its operation.
    • Ensure the pump impellers are rotating freely and not damaged.
    • Reassemble the pump in reverse order and reconnect everything correctly.
  4. Checking the Pressure Switch:If the problem persists, turn your attention to the pressure switch. Here are some steps to perform a thorough check:
    • Locate the pressure switch beneath the top cover of the washing machine.
    • Unscrew the two screws at the back of the casing to access the pressure switch.
    • Inspect the round part of the pressure switch, where the wires and the small hose are connected.
    • Verify that the wires are in good condition and the hose is not obstructed or damaged.
    • If everything seems to be in order, conduct a test run of the washing machine to see if the error persists.
  5. Searching for Issues in the Electronic Module:In extremely rare cases where the problem persists, the cause might be related to the washing machine’s electronic module. However, this is a more complex task, and it’s recommended to contact a professional for repair.


Thankfully, there are several solutions you can apply to rectify this issue and restore your washing machine’s proper functioning:

1. Inspection and Cleaning of Pressure Switch Tubes and Pipes:

Pressure switch tubes and pipes can become clogged over time due to the accumulation of dirt and debris. Thoroughly clean these components to ensure proper airflow and the effective operation of the system.

2. Verification of Filters and Hoses:

Ensure that both filters and hoses are not obstructed. During winter, check that hoses have not frozen, as this can impede water flow.

3. Inspection of Pressure Switch Connections and Operation:

Verify that the pressure switch operates correctly and that all connections are in optimal condition. If you detect issues in operation or faulty connections, consider replacing the pressure switch with a new one.

4. Drainage Filter Cleaning:

The drainage filter can also become clogged with debris and dirt. Clean it thoroughly to prevent future drainage problems.

5. Examination of Drainage Pump and Connections:

Ensure that the drainage pump is in good condition and that no elements are obstructing its function. Also, verify that the connections are secure.

6. Checking Drainage Pump Impellers:

The impellers of the drainage pump should rotate smoothly without difficulty and should not be damaged or obstructed. Conduct a detailed inspection to ensure their proper operation.

If, after implementing these solutions, the problem persists and the Error F05 continues to appear on your Indesit washing machine, it’s advisable to contact your regular technical service. They can provide specialized assistance to effectively address the issue.

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