Troubleshoot error code “DE2” in LG washing machine

How to remove the error of2 in LG washing machine?

  • Error: DE2
  • Description: Door closure problem (blocapuertas).
  • Cause: Mechanical failure or malfunction of the door lock mechanism.
  • Solution:
    • Open and close the door again.
    • Check connections and verify the operation of the door lock mechanism.
    • Inspect the electronic board for any burnt components or traces.

What Does the DE2 Error Indicate?

The dE2 error is a significant notification that may appear on your LG washing machine’s display. This code points to an issue with the washing machine’s door, specifically the door lock mechanism. When this error arises, the washing machine detects that the door is not properly closed or locked, which could jeopardize the initiation of any wash cycle.

Causes of the DE2 Error

This error can be caused by various factors, but the root of the problem often lies in the door’s locking system. Below are some of the common causes:

  • Obstructed items: Garments or foreign objects may become lodged between the door and the washing machine’s cabinet, preventing proper closure.
  • Mechanical failure: The door lock mechanism may experience mechanical failures due to wear and tear, breakage, or damage.
  • Electronic issues: The door lock mechanism is connected to the washing machine’s electronic system. If there’s a communication problem between these components, the dE2 error may occur.
  • Damaged components: The electronic board of the washing machine may have burnt components or traces that affect the door lock mechanism’s function.

Solutions for the DE2 Error

The good news is that, in many cases, the dE2 error can be resolved by following some simple steps. Here are the actions you can take to address this issue:

  1. Check the door: Before taking more drastic measures, ensure that there are no garments or foreign objects obstructing the door, which could prevent proper closure. Conduct a visual inspection and, if needed, remove any obstructions.
  2. Machine reset: Sometimes, a simple reset can resolve communication issues between electronic components. Disconnect the washing machine from the power source for at least 10 seconds and then reconnect it. Make sure the door is completely closed before attempting to start a cycle.
  3. Connection verification: If the problem persists, it’s time to check the connections of the door lock mechanism. Ensure that the cables are properly connected and undamaged. Additionally, inspect the electronic board for any burnt components.

Advanced Solutions

If none of the above solutions resolves the issue and the dE2 error persists, more advanced steps may be necessary. Here are some additional recommendations:

  • Door switch: The door closure switch is a crucial component in the door lock mechanism’s operation. If this switch is defective, you may need to replace it. To check its functionality, use a multimeter to measure continuity and also verify the voltage sent when the lock is engaged.
  • Wiring of the washing machine: Although uncommon, in some cases, the wiring transmitting information from the main board to the door closure switch may be damaged. Use a multimeter to measure continuity between the wires and ensure there are no interruptions in the signal.
  • Control board: If all the aforementioned components are in good condition but the error persists, the main control board may be faulty. In this scenario, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of an electronic engineer experienced in diagnosing and repairing electronic devices.

Contacting Technical Support

If none of the previous solutions manages to resolve the dE2 error and the washing machine still doesn’t function correctly, it’s recommended to contact LG’s technical service center or a professional skilled in appliance repair. Mishandling electronic components could worsen the problem or cause additional damage.

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