Troubleshoot error code “DHE” in LG washing machine

How to eliminate the DHE error in LG washing machine?

  • Error: DHE
  • Description: Ventilation problem in drying ducts (washing machine).
  • Cause: 
    • Clogged Fan and Tubes
    • Heating and Drying System Malfunction
    • Control Panel Issues
  • Solution:
    • Clean accumulated fluff remains in ventilation ducts.
    • Check that the fan is not blocked and check the operation of the fan engine.
    • Check the state of resistance and thermostat.

Possible Causes of the dHE Error

  1. Clogged Fan and Tubes:
    • The hot air delivery system may have obstructions, including a clogged fan or blocked tubes, hindering the flow of hot air into the tank.
  2. Heating and Drying System Malfunction:
    • Components like the heating element and fan may be experiencing malfunctions, causing the dHE error.
  3. Control Panel Issues:
    • Electronic elements within the control panel may be faulty or damaged, leading to the error code.

Troubleshooting Steps

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the dHE error on your LG washer:

  1. Power Down and Unplug:
    • Turn off the unit and unplug it from the outlet. Allow it to sit unplugged for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Inspect and Clean Fan and Tubes:
    • Examine the fan, tubes, and connections for dirt or obstructions. Clean them thoroughly.
  3. Restart the Cycle:
    • Power the unit back on and restart the wash cycle. Check if the error code persists.
  4. Fan Repair or Replacement:
    • If damage is found on the fan during cleaning, consider calling a specialist for repair. Replacement, if necessary, is a straightforward process.
  5. Heating Element Replacement:
    • If the heating element is suspected to be the issue, it may need replacement. Overheating and failure can lead to the dHE error.
  6. Check Control Panel and Connections:
    • Inspect the control panel, wires, and connections for signs of damage or burning. Seek professional advice for complex electronic component issues.

Preventive Measures

To avoid encountering the dHE error code, you can take the following precautions:

  1. Disconnect the equipment from the power source before performing any maintenance.
  2. Periodically check and clean the fan blades and tubes to prevent obstructions.
  3. Restart the machine after a 10-minute rest period following any troubleshooting steps.

Drastic Measures

If the dHE error persists after performing the above steps, more extensive measures may be required:

  1. Repair of Heating Elements:
    • Address issues with the heating element due to fan or duct problems.
  2. Fan Debugging or Replacement:
    • Cleaning the fan periodically is recommended. However, for severe issues, like a broken blade or faulty cooler, professional repair or replacement may be necessary.
  3. Fixing a Temporary System Crash:
    • If the error persists, check for loop or control board damage.

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