Troubleshoot error code “E1” in LG washing machine

  • Error: E1
  • Description: Water supply issue.
  • Cause: Supply taps not fully open, water hose bent or clogged, water inlet filter obstructed.
  • Solution: Check taps, hoses, filters, and inlet valves.

Encountering the E1 error code on your LG washing machine can be frustrating, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to fix the issue.

Understanding the E1 Error Code

The E1 error code on LG washing machines indicates that the machine is not receiving an adequate water supply. This could be due to several reasons, such as supply taps not being fully open, a bent or clogged water hose, or a clogged water inlet filter.

Steps to Resolve the E1 Error

Check the Water Supply Taps

Make sure that the water supply taps are fully open. A partially closed tap can reduce the water flow to the washing machine, which could trigger the E1 error.

Inspect the Water Hose

Check if the water supply hose is bent or has any obstructions that might be preventing water flow. If you find a kink, carefully straighten it out. If there’s a blockage, you’ll need to clean it or replace the hose.

Clean the Water Inlet Filter

The water inlet filter, located where the hose connects to the washing machine, might be clogged with dirt or debris. Disconnect the hose and clean the filter with a soft brush under running water.

Examine the Inlet Valves

If the water supply is adequate and the filter is clean, the issue might be with the washing machine’s inlet valves. These valves control the water flow into the machine. Check the wiring and the resistances of the valves, which should be between 3500 and 4000 ohms. If you’re not comfortable with these measurements, it’s best to contact a specialized technician.

If the problem persists after following these steps, you may need the assistance of a professional service technician. Do not attempt repairs beyond your knowledge, as you could cause further damage to your washing machine.

Remember, preventive maintenance can help you avoid these types of errors. Periodically check hoses, filters, and taps to ensure everything is in good condition and working properly.

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