Troubleshoot error code “IE” in LG washing machine

How to eliminate EI error in LG washing machine?

  • Error: IE
  • Description: Water supply problem.
  • Cause: 
  • Solution: – Check the hose and tap. Clean the water inlet filter. Check solenoid valve, prisoner or flowmeter. Check that the drain tube is up to the right height.

An IE error code on your LG washing machine indicates that the appliance was unable to intake the necessary water for the selected process within a specified time frame. This guide will help you identify and resolve the most common issues related to the IE error code.

Possible Causes of the IE Error Code

During cold weather conditions, frost, and freezing temperatures, an IE error code could mean that the water in the supply lines is frozen. Once the temperature rises above the freezing point, the water supply will return. Check each of the following options for other causes that trigger an IE error code:

1. Water supply cut off in the household or room where the product is located

Before making any determination about a potential water intake failure in your washing machine, we suggest verifying that the water supply in your home (especially the room where your product is installed) is correct.

2. Closed water supply valve(s)

If the water supply valves are not fully open, the IE code may appear on your washing machine’s display. Ensure that the water supply valve(s) is(are) fully open and, once confirmed, resume the normal operation of the unit.

3. Low water pressure in the household

If there is a significant drop in water pressure in your home (or the room where your product is installed), the IE code may appear, as your washing machine is designed to work with pressure ranges between 14.5 PSI (minimum) and 116 PSI (maximum). We suggest checking if other water outlets in your house have the correct water pressure. If not, you will either have to wait for the normal water supply to return or contact your service provider.

4. Twisted, damaged, or obstructed water supply hoses

If the washing machine’s water hoses are bent, twisted, or obstructed, the water may not flow correctly into the appliance. Fix any kinks in the water line(s). If the supply hoses are damaged, they will need to be replaced. In this case, you should visit the nearest technical service center to purchase a new set of hoses.

5. Incorrect connection of the water supply hose(s)

Make sure the water supply hose(s) is connected correctly. Verify that the cold water line is connected to the cold water inlet of the washing machine and that the hot water line is connected to the product’s hot water inlet.

Important note: If you can only connect your washing machine to a single water line, it must be the cold water inlet, as all subprocesses of your product are performed with cold water.

6. Clogged sediment filters

Check the sediment filters in the water supply hose connections. If they are clogged, clean them to ensure proper water flow.

7. Drain hose set at a very low height

Ensure that the drain hose is positioned at the correct height according to the manufacturer’s instructions. An improper drain hose height can cause issues with water intake and drainage.

If you’ve tried all these tests and the IE error code reappears, your unit might require inspection by a professional technician.

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