Troubleshoot error code “4E” in Samsung washing machine

  • Error: “4E”
  • Description: The washer is not filling with water properly.
  • Cause: Low water pressure, bent water inlet hose, blocked hose, or dirty filters.
  • Solution: Check and correct water supply issues and clean the filters.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Error “4E”

  1. Inspect the Water Inlet Hose
    • First, ensure that your washer is unplugged to avoid electrical shocks. Carefully move the washer to see where the water hose connects.
    • Is it bent or does it resemble an obstacle course? Straighten it so that water can flow smoothly.
    • Is there anything blocking the water passage? If so, remove the obstruction.
  2. Check the Water Supply
    • Go to the water supply faucet and ensure it is fully open. If it’s partially closed, it may not allow enough water to pass, causing the error.
  3. Clean the Mesh Filter
    • This step is like giving your washer a facial:
      • Close the water supply to prevent flooding.
      • Disconnect the hose from the washer and the faucet.
      • Locate the mesh filter (the strainer-like thing) and clean it under running water.
      • Reassemble everything and ensure there are no leaks.
    • Note: It is advisable to perform this cleaning at least twice a year or when the “4E” error appears.
  4. Inspect the Dispenser Drawer
    • Sometimes, the drawer where you put detergent can also get clogged:
      • Remove it carefully and look for any detergent or fabric softener residue that may be causing issues.
      • Clean it thoroughly and put it back in place.

Is the “4E” Error Still Displayed?

If the “4E” error message continues to appear after following these steps, it’s time to call in the professionals. Get in touch with Samsung’s technical support for assistance.

Remember that keeping the filters clean and ensuring proper water supply not only helps avoid this error but also extends the lifespan of your washer. We hope these tips have been helpful, and you can get back to your laundry routine without further issues!

More tips

If you fail to solve the error in your Samsung washing machine, we recommend that you contact the technical service or a specialist. This is because the error can be caused by an internal problem with the washing machine and will require specialized diagnosis and repair.

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