Troubleshoot error code “HC” in Samsung washing machine

How to eliminate HC error in Samsung washing machine?

  • Error: HC
  • Description: High temperature
  • Cause: Clogged lint filter, connection or electronic issues, sensor or component malfunction.
  • Solution: Let it cool and reinstate

Possible Causes of HC Error and How to Diagnose It

The HC error code can be triggered by various reasons, ranging from minor technical glitches to more significant failures in the washing machine system. Some of the possible causes include:

  1. Dirty Lint Filter: One of the most common issues that can lead to high temperature is a clogged lint filter. As lint and debris accumulate in the filter, airflow becomes restricted, which can result in an increase in internal temperature.
  2. Connection or Electronic Problems: Incorrect electrical connection or malfunction in the washing machine’s electronics can lead to a temperature control system mismatch.
  3. Sensor or Component Malfunction: Temperature sensors, relays, and other components involved in water heating control can experience failures, resulting in abnormally high temperatures.

Solutions and Steps to Resolve HC Error

Here are the recommended steps to address the HC error code on a Samsung washing machine:

1. Cleaning the Lint Filter

The first step is often the simplest: clean the lint filter. If this filter is obstructed, inadequate airflow can cause a temperature increase. Follow these steps:

  • Locate the lint filter, usually positioned on the front or top of the washing machine.
  • Carefully remove the filter and thoroughly clean it, getting rid of any lint and dirt buildup.
  • Reinstall the filter securely in its place.

2. Checking Connections and Electronics

If the issue persists after cleaning the lint filter, it’s time to verify the electrical connections and the washing machine’s electronics:

  • Ensure the washing machine is properly plugged into a stable and functional power source.
  • Check for loose, damaged wires or inadequate connections that might be causing electrical problems.

3. Sensor and Component Assessment

If the above solutions don’t resolve the problem, it might be necessary to evaluate the temperature sensors and related components:

  • If you’re not experienced in electronic repairs, consider reaching out to an authorized service center for a more detailed inspection.
  • If you’re a trained technician, conduct tests on temperature sensors, relays, and other components to identify any defects.

When to Seek Professional Assistance

If the HC error code persists even after following the above steps, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. Here are some situations where it would be wise to request technical help:

  • If you’re not comfortable performing electrical or electronic repairs on your own.
  • If internal components of the washing machine need to be replaced.
  • If the washing machine is still under warranty, contact the authorized service center.

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