Troubleshoot error code “F1 E1” in Whirlpool washing machine

How to eliminate error F1 E1 in Whirlpool washing machine?

  • Error: F1 E1
  • Description: Electronic plate failure
  • Cause: Faulty or loose connections, burnt traces, components in poor condition
  • Solution: Check connections, burned clues, components in poor condition. Bad programming.

Description of F1 E1 Error

The F1 E1 error code in a Whirlpool washing machine refers to an “Electronic Control Failure.” This code indicates that there has been an interruption or anomaly in the operation of the washing machine’s electronic control board, which can affect its performance and its ability to complete washing cycles correctly.

Possible Causes:

  1. Faulty or Loose Connections: Loose or faulty connections between the components of the electronic control board can trigger this error. Vibrations during the normal operation of the washing machine might have loosened a cable.
  2. Burnt Traces: Burnt traces on the electronic control board, resulting from short circuits or other electrical issues, can cause signal interruption and lead to the F1 E1 error.
  3. Components in Poor Condition: Individual components on the electronic control board, such as resistors, capacitors, or transistors, could have failed or be in poor condition, impacting their operation and causing the error.
  4. Bad Programming or Corrupted Software: In some cases, a problem in the washing machine’s software, such as faulty programming or a corrupt firmware file, could generate errors in the electronic control board.

Step-by-Step Solution:

  1. Power Disconnection: Turn off the washing machine and disconnect it from the power source to ensure safety while performing the following actions.
  2. Visual Inspection: Conduct a thorough visual inspection of the electronic control board for burnt traces, damaged components, or any signs of visual anomalies.
  3. Connection Check: Verify all cable connections on the electronic control board and ensure they are snug and properly connected. Reconnect any loose or faulty cables.
  4. Component Testing: If you have electronics experience, you could perform tests on individual components of the board, such as resistors and capacitors, using appropriate tools. Replace faulty components if necessary.
  5. Software Update: If you suspect the error might be related to a programming issue, consult the user manual for instructions on how to reset the washing machine to its factory default settings or how to update the firmware if possible.
  6. Professional Assistance: If the above solutions do not resolve the issue or if you’re not comfortable performing repair actions yourself, it’s advisable to contact a specialized appliance technician or Whirlpool’s customer service for professional help. Board replacement or specific component replacement might be necessary.

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