Washer Candy Error Codes

When your Candy washer starts acting up, the first thing that might come to mind is panic. But, before you call the technician or think about buying a new one, there’s something that could help you better understand what’s going on: error codes. These codes are a way for your washer to communicate specifically what’s failing in its system. Although they might seem confusing at first, understanding them is easier than you think.

What are error codes?

Error codes are combinations of numbers and, sometimes, letters that appear on your washer’s display. Each code is associated with a specific problem. Think of them as a preliminary diagnosis that helps you identify the root cause of your appliance’s malfunction.

Why is it important to know them?

Knowing the meaning of these codes can save you time and money. In some cases, the issue may be something you can fix yourself without needing to call a technician. Plus, if you eventually need professional assistance, being able to provide the specific error code can make the repair process faster and more efficient.

How to use this table

We’ve prepared a table with the most common error codes for Candy washers. For each code, you’ll find a description of the problem and, most importantly, suggested solutions. Remember, these solutions are suggestions based on the most common issues associated with each code. If after trying the suggested solutions the problem persists, it might be time to contact a professional.

E01Problem with UBL (device to lock the washer door). The door does not close when it is closed. And the key indication does not occur.Possible damage to the door lock. You should check it, as well as the integrity of the wiring. It is also worth making sure that the electronic controller works correctly.
E02Problems with water collection. It is possible that water does not enter the washer tank. The amount of water during the set time does not reach the desired one. That is, it is less than what is needed to complete the program. The amount of water needed to complete the program is exceeded.There is an obstruction or blockage in the filling valve. The filling valve is out of service. The level sensor (level switch) or its connections are damaged. The electronic controller is broken.
E03Water does not leave the washer at all or does so very slowly.There has been an interruption or violation of the drain pump wiring or it has failed. The washer’s level sensor has become unusable. For example, it may give incorrect signals. The drainage system may be clogged. Nozzles, hose, or drain pump filter clogged.
E04There is a problem with the filling valve. The amount of water in the washer tank required to run the program has been exceeded. The level switch indicates that there is too much water in the machine’s tank. After three and a half minutes, an error occurs on the display.The filling valve is stuck in the open position and water continues to be drawn, despite the fact that a signal was sent to stop marking. A controller that regulates the operation of the filling valve could also fail.
E05There is no heating of the water to the required temperature. An “E05” error appears on the display.The heating element (TEN) or its wiring and contacts failed. The controller could also break. The temperature sensor has become unusable. When checking with a tester (multimeter), make sure that the resistance is approximately equal to two tens of ohms at an average room temperature. You must ensure that the program selector motor is working correctly. The required voltage for its operation is 220 volts. The winding resistance is approximately equal to 15 kOhm. Additionally, you must ensure that the display and control units work correctly.
E07Excessively fast operation of the electric motor Three attempts to start the washer’s electric motor. And then the washing process is interrupted and the inscription “E07” appears.The tachogenerator broke. The resistance to the winding of this part (if it is working) is approximately equal to forty-two ohms (if the CEZET motor).And for the HUVER electric motor: 156 ohms. Often, this malfunction appears due to the failure of the technical generator core. If it collapsed.
E09There is a problem with the washer’s electric motor: the motor shaft does not rotate. An error occurs, whose designation you can see in the following column. The automatic tests continue.Damage to the control unit or failure of the triac.

Our advice

Before attempting any solution, make sure to disconnect the washer from the power source. Safety always comes first. And remember, if you feel the problem goes beyond a simple fix, do not hesitate to contact a professional. Sometimes, trying to fix an issue without the necessary knowledge can result in greater damage.

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