Washer Indesit Error Codes

When your Indesit washer starts acting up, it might be trying to communicate something important through the error codes it displays. These codes are a form of self-diagnosis that modern washers use to tell users and technicians what’s going wrong in their system. Understanding what each code means can be key to solving common issues without immediately needing to call a technician.

Before we dive into the error code table, it’s important to clarify some terms that might seem technical or confusing:

  • Short circuit: Occurs when there’s an incorrect connection in the electrical circuit, allowing current to flow through an unintended path.
  • Tachogenerator: A device found in the motor used to measure the rotation speed.
  • Pressure switch: A sensor that measures the water level in the washer.
  • Heating element (PETN): The heating element used in washers to heat the water.
  • ROM flashing: Refers to updating or reprogramming the software that controls the washer.

With these concepts in mind, let’s look at the specific error codes for Indesit washers and how you can start troubleshooting them:

F01There’s a short circuit in the electric motor’s electrical circuit (often as a result of water flow).Check for moisture presence on the contacts, motor connector terminals.
F02Tacho Signal LostInspect the motor, measure the resistance of the tachogenerator coil terminals (should be in the range of 115-170 ohms)
F03Malfunction of the water temperature sensor in the tank.Inspection of the temperature sensor is required, checking pins with board connector
F04Simultaneous presentation of two mutually exclusive signals “empty” and “overflow”, indicating the rupture of the water level sensor.Check the serviceability of the pressure switch and wires connecting it to the control module.
F05Water does not drain from the tank.Control of the entire drainage system is required: the drain pump, drain hose nozzle
F06Invalid programError control panel keys
F07Insufficient heating capacity of the heating elementMeasure Tenth Resistance inspect the pressure switch
F08Simultaneous and mutually exclusive signals: the water level sensor signals a full tank and the PETN transmits an empty one.Touch the pressure switch and heating element terminals, check their contact wires.
F09Electronic module breakdownFlashing or ROM replacement required
F10Loss of signal from the liquid level sensor.Pressure switch and pressure switch test required
F11Lack of communication with the drain pump.Check the drain pump
F12The switch between the display and control panels is defectiveJoining the wires connecting both boards is required.
F13Drying temperature controller failureCheck the sensor resistance, connecting wires
F14Lack of communication with the sensor and drying heating element.Inspect the drying sensor, heating element, review the contacts
F15Heating element does not turn off dryingCheck drying heating element, pressure switch, drying relay.
F17The door lock does not workCheck hatch locks and controllers
F18Break the announcement boardReplacement of the board

Our advice

Before attempting any repairs, make sure to disconnect the washer from the power source to avoid accidents. If the problem persists after following the suggested solutions, it might be time to contact a professional technician. Remember, handling electrical and electronic components without proper knowledge can be dangerous.

Error codes in Indesit washer

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