Troubleshoot error code “P1” in Giatsu air-conditioning

  • Error: “P1”
  • Description: The P1 error code generally indicates a problem related to compressor protection due to high temperature.
  • Cause: It can be caused by various factors, including issues with the power supply, blockages in the system, or failures in the printed circuit board (PCB).
  • Solution: The solution involves a series of diagnostic and repair steps that we will detail below.

When it comes to keeping our homes cool and comfortable, air conditioners are our best allies. However, they may sometimes display certain error codes that leave us perplexed. Today, we’ll discuss the P1 error code in Giatsu brand air conditioners, a common issue that can arise and how to resolve it.

Identifying the Problem

The P1 error code manifests when the air conditioning system detects an abnormally high temperature in the compressor. This can be indicative of something not working correctly in the cooling cycle.

Steps to Resolve Error Code P1

Airflow Check

  1. Inspect Units: Start by checking the airflow system of both the indoor and outdoor units. Look for blockages in air inlets or in the heat exchanger and remove them if necessary.

System Restart

  1. Turn Off and Wait: If no blockages are found, turn off the unit and wait for about 10 minutes before turning it back on. This may help reset the system and allow the compressor to cool down.

Compressor Check

  1. Check Compressor Temperature: After the restart, check if the compressor temperature remains stable. If not, it may be necessary to check the overload protector.

Overload Protector Verification

  1. Inspect Connections: Ensure that all connections are correct and in good condition. If you find any anomalies, correct them.
  2. Measure Resistance: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the overload protector ports. If the resistance is not 0, you may need to replace the protector.

PCB Evaluation

  1. Check the PCB: If the overload protector is in good condition but the problem persists, the fault may be in the external printed circuit board (PCB). In this case, it may be necessary to replace it.

Refrigerant System Review

  1. Check Refrigerant: Finally, make sure the refrigerant system is functioning correctly. If everything seems normal but the P1 error persists, the external PCB may need to be replaced.


We hope these steps help you resolve the P1 error code on your Giatsu air conditioner. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable performing these actions or the problem persists, it’s advisable to contact a specialized technician. At, we’re here to help with any questions you may have. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section, and we’ll assist you with whatever you need. Until next time!

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