Vitroceramic Neff Error Codes

When your Neff vitroceramic hob starts displaying messages or codes that you don’t understand, it can be a moment of confusion and frustration. But worry not, we’re here to help you decipher those codes and provide you with practical solutions so you can get back to cooking without any issues. Error codes are essentially the way your appliance communicates with you to tell you something is not working correctly. Below, we present a complete table with the most common error codes for Neff vitroceramic hobs, their description, cause, and most importantly, the solution to each problem.

Before diving into the table, it’s important to understand some concepts. For example, when we talk about “incorrect supply voltage,” we’re referring to the electricity reaching your vitroceramic hob not having the proper voltage for its operation. This could be due to problems in your home’s electrical network or in the area where you live. Another common term is “overheating,” which means your vitroceramic hob has reached a higher temperature than is safe, and therefore, it automatically shuts off to protect itself and you.

Now, here’s the table with the error codes:

E9000Incorrect supply voltage for operation.You should contact your electric company.
E9010Incorrect supply voltage for operation.You should contact your electric company.
F1The cooking surface is overheated and automatically shuts off.You must wait for it to cool down completely and then turn it back on.
F2Error in the electronics, overheating or high tension.This is because some parts of the hob have been exposed to high power for a long time and the vitroceramic, for safety, has automatically turned off the corresponding focus.Disconnect the fuses in their box, and after half a minute turn them back on. Reset the time, wait a bit and press any control area. The F2 error turns off when the electronics cool down enough.
F4The vitroceramic is not completely cold.First, unplug the hob from the power, wait about half an hour and try again. Move all kitchenware away from the foci and let the surface cool down a bit. The temperature will drop and by pressing any button on the controls, the error notice goes away and you can continue using your vitroceramic hob.
F5Alternating flashing of the cooking position and F5. A warning beep is heard. Probably some hot kitchen piece is touching the hob’s controls and the electronics are overheating.You must remove that piece of kitchen from the control panel, the error notice should go away shortly and you can continue cooking.
F6The cooking surface is overheated and automatically shuts off.You must wait for it to cool down completely and then turn it back on.
F8The waiting time and the residual heat warning (H/h) have been activated. The hotplate has been operating for a long time at too much uninterrupted power and the waiting time has automatically turned on.You must let it cool down and then press any key.
HOverheating. Residual heat in the cooking zone.The H (uppercase) indicates high heat intensity and the “h” (lowercase) indicates low heat intensity.Avoid touching or cleaning the indicated areas until they cool down and are safe.
Indicators flashingThe controls are wet or something has been left on them.Dry the control panel part or remove the object that is on top.
U400The hob is not properly connected.Remove the induction hob from the light and check that it is connected according to the manual’s instructions.
dEThe hob’s foci do not heat up. The Demo function is activated.Disconnect the hob from the power for half a minute and before 3 minutes pass touch any control key, the demo function should turn off.
Failure in the electronic systemCover the control panel with your hand for a short time to make sure of the fault.

Our advice

Before calling technical service, we recommend checking this table and following the proposed solutions. Many times, the problem can be easily resolved without the need for professional assistance. However, if after trying these solutions the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact a specialized technician. Remember, safety comes first, so if you do not feel safe performing any of the proposed solutions, it’s better to ask for help.

Error codes in Neff Vitroceramic

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