Troubleshoot error code “E15” in Bosch dishwasher

  • Error: “E15”
  • Description: The water protection system is activated.
  • Cause: Possible water overflow in the appliance.
  • Solution: Close the water valve, turn off the appliance, and contact a technician.

Hello! If you’re here, it’s because your Bosch dishwasher is giving you trouble with a message that says “E15” and you have no idea what to do. Don’t worry, I’m going to explain step by step how you can try to solve this problem without having to call the technician immediately.

What is the E15 error?

The E15 is an error code that appears in Bosch dishwashers when the flood protection system is activated. This usually happens when it detects more water than it should inside, and to prevent your kitchen from turning into a pool, the dishwasher goes into alert mode.

How to fix the E15 error in Bosch dishwashers step by step?

Before getting started, close the water valve and disconnect the dishwasher from the power. Safety comes first and we don’t want you to get a scare.

Step 1: Inspect the dishwasher

With the dishwasher disconnected, take a look to see if you see any water leaks on the sides or underneath. If you see that there is accumulated water, try to dry it with towels or absorbent cloths.

Step 2: Tilt the dishwasher

Sometimes, tilting the dishwasher can help the water that has activated the flood sensor to move and allow the system to reset. Do it carefully and always with the help of another person to avoid damaging the appliance.

Step 3: Look for the leak

If the error persists, there may be an internal leak. You will have to open the side panels of the dishwasher to find the source of the problem. Be careful! This is a bit more technical and if you don’t feel confident, it’s better to call the technician.

If after these steps the E15 is still there, it’s best to contact a specialized technician. At Bosch, they can help you solve the problem and make sure your dishwasher is back to working like new.

Final tips

  • Don’t take risks: If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s better not to take any chances and call a professional.
  • Maintenance: Perform regular cleanings and maintenance to prevent future problems.
  • Attention to detail: If you decide to inspect the dishwasher yourself, do it carefully to avoid damaging any parts.

Remember that at we are here to help you with any questions you have about your appliances. Don’t hesitate to visit us! And if you need a technician, don’t worry, Bosch will be happy to help you out.

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