Troubleshoot error code “i50” in AEG dishwasher

How to eliminate I50 error in AEG dishwasher?

  • Error: i50
  • Description: This error code indicates a problem in the washing engine circuit.
  • Cause: If it occurs too often, it may be due to a defective motor or, more likely, the engine control card that does not work correctly.
  • Solution: Verify that the engine does not have defective parts, then the lines of the control card circuit

More tips

AEG is a dishwasher brand with a great reputation, but sometimes the problems occur. If you have problems solving an AEG dishwasher error, it is best to contact the technical service or a specialist. They can diagnose the problem and help it solve it quickly and efficiently.

Other error codes in AEG dishwasher

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